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B i o g r a p h y

After starting my life with music in the classical world I slid over into blues and funk in my teens. I was greatly influenced by musicians like Booker T, Stevie WInwood and Jimmy McGriff.  I played in numerous bands, of which two were among the most popular in the country in different periods,
Peps Blodsband and Dag Vag. Both can be found on Youtube and Spotify.
The bands I played in were mostly reggae and worldmusic, but with my classical background a huge part of my heart lay in the classical world.
Periodically I would also get into electronic and concrete music.
In 1986 I had chance to explore other musical sides of myself when I made a record with Sweden's foremost poet of his generation, Bruno K. Öijer. The record Skugga kommer, got very mixed reviews, from "Record of the year" to "We have found the perfect present for your mother-in-law!".
The music on this homepage is mostly done for my own pleasure, but occasionally I have made music for specific purposes as you can see under the tag named film. You will find that I am a lover of all types of music and as a friend said to me, "If you ever make an album, it could be called "Brynn's dilemma ".
...and very little of this would have possible without my friend
Torkel Berg who has helped me installing Logic and all the plug-ins.
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